2016 | Resolutions and Goals



I’ve never really made any new years resolutions before, but this year I realised how important it is to set goals and work towards them.

Here are mine, lets hope I can stick to them!

Blog Goals

Plan my blog postI really think the key to consistency is my planning. This year has been up and down with posting, but I’m hoping planning will help me post more often.

Photography So I was really lucky to get the Nikon camera for my birthday, but I’ve really not used it much. This is such a shame because I know that I could improve the quality of my blog photos with this camera and backdrops from katebackdrop. I just need to spend time learning how to use a camera like this. Again I think this all comes down to planning.

YouTube For months now I’ve really wanted to film YouTube because honestly, I like talking, a lot. Over the past couple of months I’ve filmed a few but I’ve never really thought they were good enough to put up. This year I really hope to work on that as I’d love to do YouTube as well as writing my blog.

Personal Goals

Travel I really want to travel so much more. I honestly think it’s such a great life experience.

Quit Sugar? I have such a sweet tooth but in all honesty, I know that its definitely not good for me. When I was in China, it wasn’t really that easy to get hold of the sweets, chocolates and other sugary goodies that you can in the UK and I really did  notice the difference in my skin and body. I may not be able to cut it out completely (although I’m going to try), I really want to control my intake.

Excercise For no other reason than health. I really want to be more active so I’m going to try and go to the gym as often as I can.

Share with me your new years resolutions, maybe we can work on them together.

Sonam x


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