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On Monday, I attended the Blogger Hangout for London Fashion Week at Provision Studios in Hoxton. It was an all black outfit event so here is my OOTD:


Blouse // Boohoo

Skirt // H&M

Boots // Pretty Little Thing

Coat // H&M


I was excited to meet other bloggers and came across some great brands that were new to me. I came across some great skin care products, and there were a lot of food stalls which helped me learn a lot more about healthy foods.


Supernatural Beauty 


My favourite brand from the event was Supernatural Beauty. I’m such a skincare junky and I’m always on the look out for new products to try for my problematic skin. I got to try one of the oils on my hand and I can’t even express to you how good it smelt and how soft it left my hand feeling. I’m also such a sucker for branding and packaging, and I can really tell that this is something that would appeal to a lot of people.



When I read that Crobar uses cricket  flour in their energy bars, I had to double take. I bit the bullet, and tried a piece of the Peanut and Cricket flour flavour and I was actually surprised at how normal and nice it tasted. Crickets are not only meant to be high in various vitamins but also good for the environment too!

They had a fact sheet which had some interesting figures such as half the amount of fat than beef and twice as much as iron as spinach! In my opinion it’s a great alternative to some of the energy bars which you find in supermarkets because a lot of them are loaded with a lot of fat and sugar and aren’t as nutritional as we think they are.

Cocktail Mania


This stall caught my eye straight away. It was so colourful and had such a cool vibe to it. Not to mention the drinks were insane!

The concept is cocktails in a jar and they cater for events. If you’re having an event I think this is something pretty cool to check out.


Other Brands

There were so many other brands that I got to sample. These included Popcakery and Pudology which definitely appeals to my sweet tooth. Cranes were a great brand that produces cider made from cranberries. I love cider but sometimes get a bit bloated from it but this was a lot lighter and the had such a great range of flavours. Finally, I came across Ark Skincare which formulate skin care according to age range. The ladies at the stall also discussed with me how actually using good oils on your face even if you have acne prone skin isn’t such a bad thing. They were giving out one of their lovely products to try so I will definitely be doing a review on that soon.




I’d like to thank all the brands for my goodies to sample and especially The Bloggers Hangout for having me!


Sonam x




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