Burberry Kisses




A couple of months ago I received a Burberry Kisses sample as part of Burberry’s Twitter campaign, so this review is long overdue.

For starters, I was impressed by the packaging it came in. I really think Burberry went to a lot of effort to make it look presentable.

The lipstick itself was a miniature replica of the full sized version.

I have never tried a Burberry lipsticks before, so when I applied it I noticed the satin feel to it straight away which made it quite hydrating.


Nude Pink No.5

I got sent the shade Nude Pink 05, which is an absolutely beautiful shade.

However, the problem I had was this shade was too light for me, so unfortunately it’s not something I would make use of a lot.

An alternative way I could use it for is as a cheek stain/blush. One of my tips from my Top 11 Beauty Hacks is to use sheer lipsticks as a blush!


Sepia No 85

I was also able to try the shade Sepia No.85, which worked better with my skin tone.

Overall, I think these are beautiful lipsticks. These are something that I would use for everyday because they are sheer but also buildable.

They are towards the higher end of the price range at £25, however, I really do think that they are worth it because of the hydrating formula and the gorgeous packaging.

Have you tried any Burberry lipsticks before? Let me know what you think.

Also a quick side note, I am going to be going to Paris in a week and obviously I can’t not visit Sephora!

On Twitter I asked if anyone had any recommendations for me. If you do comment below or tweet me, I’d love to hear from you! 


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