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I have another lifestyle post for you today. Lately I’ve been really focusing on being a lot more healthier than I have been over the past year or so. I’ve felt my weight creeping up and overall I haven’t been eating as well as I used to. Last week I made a change, I went to the gym 4 times and have been eating more fruit and veg. The hardest thing to control is the snacking in between meals.

I first came across the Crobar by Gathr Foods at The Blogger Hangout LFW event. When I saw the word ‘crickets’ I had to re- read it to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I’m not the type to try unusual foods, I tend to stick to what I know so this was very risky for me to try. However, I thought it tasted really good, like a normal energy bar but this has additional health benefits.


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Why are crickets good for you?

Iron – Crickets contain more than twice as much iron as spinach

Vitamin B12 – 10g crickets contain your daily dose of vitamin b12

Fat – Contains half the amount of fat than beef

High Quality Protein – Contains the essential fatty acids


Good for the planet

Less food waste – Reducing environmental contamination

Less air and water pollution – Emit 80 times less CO2, and require significantly less water than cattle rearing

Better animal welfare – crickets lack the neurological structures which make humans and other animals feel pain, and are farmed without the use of antibiotics, hormones or pesticides.

Lower risk of disease


100% of the population unintentionally eat insects, so when you look at that statistic, it doesn’t seem that bad does it?

When I look eat some of the energy bars I snack on from the super markets, it’s shocking to see actually how unhealthy they really are.


What do you think about eating crickets? Would you be willing to try this?

Sonam x

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