First impressions: Mary Lou Manizer and Mac Studio Finish Concealer

One of my first make up posts I did was on contouring and highlighting (See the original post here: ). I talked about the different highlighters and concealers I’ve been using. Some of these things ran out and I love trying new products so I want in search for other products. I decided to try the Mary Lou Manizer by theBalm Cosmetics and the Studio Finish Concealer by MAC.



I purchased the Mary Lou Manizer, a champagne coloured powdery highlighter shimmer by the theBalm for £16. Products by theBalm are hard to find in the UK, the only store I know of that actually sells it is a shop called “and other stories” on Oxford street. Or if you’re too lazy like I was Asos sell it as well many other online retailers.

I guess the main reason I got this is because it was so heavily raved about by some of my favourite Youtube beauty bloggers. When I received it I thought the packaging was quite fun and the product itself was in a flat disk. However, I’m really sad to say I’m disappointed by this product. When I swipe it with my finger it seems so pigmented, but when I apply it to my cheek it just seems to disappear.

Its such a beautiful product so I’m going to suggest a couple of reasons why I think it might not be working for me:

1) I’ve only used it once, and so I don’t actually know the correct way to apply it and haven’t played around with it enough.

2) A lot of the Youtubers that have reviewed this product have much fairer skin than me (I’m Asian Brown skin) so it might not be the product right for me.

I am really sad about this product because I would loved it  to be my new holy grail, but if I ever figure out how to make it work for me, i’ll definitely let you guys know.


mac studio finish concealer

My second purchase was the Studio Finish Concealer by Mac which was £15.50. It’s a creamy concealer which I got in NC42. When the sales assistant tried it on me I was immediately so impressed by this. It did 2 things which were essential to me 1) covered my acne scarring and dark circles 2) brightened.

It does come in a tiny pot but I only needed the tiniest amount to gain complete coverage of the scarring on my face, so I do think it will last quite a long time providing you use the right brush etc. It is great for oily skin, it stayed on all day at work and fully covered and I did not break out.

I only have a tiny issue with this product which I was warned about and when I first used this by myself I understood what the sales assistant meant. The product needs warming up initially when you start using it or it can be very hard to work with.

This is my new holy grail concealer I would definitely recommend it.

What highlighters and concealers do you use?

If anyone has any tips on how they use any of the products above, feel free to share them in the comments below 🙂 




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