Kiko Cosmetics Water Eye Shadow | Laura Gellar Gilded Honey Dupe



I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kiko products on Twitter. A couple of weeks ago I came across a Kiko store and had to go have a look. I was so impressed by the quality of the products, and all at such affordable prices! I was quite overwhelmed by the choice that they had and didn’t know what to go for, but what I was keen to try was some of their eye shadows.

I had heard someone talk about using one of their gold  water eyeshadows as a highlight. They didn’t have that particular shade but I did come across this shade 200, which is more of a bronzey tone shadow rather than a golden champagne tone (despite it being called Champagne). I love my Mary Lou Manizer but sometimes I’d like to mix it up and have something that blends in more with my skin tone.

I also realised that this is a dupe for Laura Gellar’s Gilded Honey highlight which I’ve been trying to get hold of but seems to be out of stock everywhere! This has such good pigment, can be used as an eye shadow or highlighter (multi purpose), and is at such an affordable price so I honestly think I’ve found a winner.





Have you tried the Laura Gellar highlights and do you think this is a good dupe?

Also let me know what else you’ve tried from Kiko as I’d love to try out some more of their products?

Sonam x

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