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I’ve heard a lot of good things about K-Beauty, but have never gotten around to trying any products. Part of the reason is because I wouldn’t know where to start as I’m not familiar with any of the brands. K-beauty has become popular because it’s all about achieving natural, radiant looking skin.

Bits and Bobs of Beauty kindly gave me the opportunity to try some products. They provide affordable Korean beauty products to the UK and Europe. The product descriptions on the products are obviously written in Korean, and so their website provides a comprehensive description about the products they offer.

Nacific (Natural Pacific) Photo Niacin Whitening Tone Up Cream (50ml)

This is a lightweight moisturiser designed to hydrate and brighten the skin. I’ve used something similar to this before so I was interested to see how it compared. I use this as a final step after applying the serum that I use and concentrate on my cheeks where I have the most scars.

I did notice that those areas are looking a lot brighter. It isn’t a significant change (my scars are quite pigmented so I didn’t expect otherwise), but i’m hoping that frequent use of this product will minimalise them.

Homemedicare Spot Patches

I’ve never seen anything like these spot patches before. They work like face masks but in small patches and I find that they help calm the areas I apply them too.¬†These are great to use when you have problematic skin, as they focus on one area where you would place the mask.

EveryShine Rose Mouse Foam Cleanser 

I love anything rose based, and this contains 28 kinds of flower extract from natural roses. I use this as my morning cleanser and it is so refreshing and hydrating for first thing in the morning. The foam releases as a rose shape from the top which is really cool; i’ve never seen anything like it. I find that it really cleans my skin so I have a perfect canvas to apply make up in the morning. I have the pink one for normal skin type, but they also have a blue bottle as well which is for sensitive skin.

Son and Park Beauty Water

I never used to see the value in toners in a skincare routine, because I never used to see any difference. However, it’s something I can’t skip. I use this toner after I’ve washed my face, and before I apply any serums or creams. It helps me to remove any impurities and excess make up from my skin properly.


Have you tried any K-beauty products before?

Sonam x


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