Lip Paints by L’oreal

L:R Gone with the Nude, Dead Lips, Paint it Burgundy

I haven’t purchased any lip products in a while, but after swatching some Lip Paints by L’oreal in Superdrug, I decided to pick up a few to try; Gone with the Nude, Dead Lips, Paint it Burgundy lip kit which also came with a pencil.

Gone with the Nude, is a brown toned nude and the finish of this one is glossy. I don’t often wear lip glosses so for me I think it’s a nice shade to put on top of a lipstick as opposed to me wearing it as a stand alone gloss. However if you are a gloss person you would most probably love it. The thing I like most about this it doesn’t stick or go everywhere when you’re eating.

Dead Lips, is a matte finish nude lip paint that has more of a pink undertone. Despite being a matte finish lipstick, it doesn’t dry down completely matte and it’s still quite creamy. I like my matte liquid lipsticks to have more of a matte look to them, but I think having this kind of finish is what makes this so wearable.

Paint it Burgundy is a lip kit from the Cheryl x L’oreal range. I was never into paying the price for Kylie Jenner’s lip kits so it’s nice to see drugstores offering some really great alternatives. It comes with a matte lip paint and a lip liner to match. The formula of the lip kit was the same as the standard range (like Dead Lips), but I was extremely impressed with the pigment of the lip pencil, which I almost think is better than the lip paints themselves.

T:B Gone with the Nude, Dead Lips, Paint it Burgundy

Overall, these lip paints need a few coats to layer up the pigment and you do need to reapply them throughout the day. I wouldn’t say these are my favourite liquid lipsticks but I think that they are great cheaper alternatives to some of the ones that high end brands have to offer.

What are some of your favourite lip products?

Sonam x


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