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I am one of those people who has their whole lives in their bag. If you need anything, I probably have it. I usually carry around a make up bag with me whenever I go out, because a lot of the time I have long days and I like to try and keep my make up as refreshed as possible throughout the day. I also keep a few other essentials just in case I end up needing them, and trust me if I don’t need it, someone else always needs its.


Make Up Bag

The actual make up bag I’m currently using was a present from my friend. It pretty much describes me in a nutshell and I’m sure a lot of other beauty bloggers will agree. I like this style of make up bag because it’s not structured so it does not take up room in my bag. There are so many companies that do make up bags with such fun and witty slogans on them, I usually turn to ASOS when choosing which one to go for because they have such a wide variety from different brands.



The most important thing for me about my make up is my base. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the right foundation for me so that I don’t need to touch up all day, but sometimes I need to. I keep this Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette in my make up bag to touch up if necessary. I reviewed this a little while back, and it’s not something I personally would purchase again as it was a little bit on the oily side for me, but a lot of people raved about this when it did first come out. However, I do still keep it with me on the days that I need to touch up because it has a variety of shades in it that I can use.  I prefer to keep a concealer palette because it’s multi purpose and its a little bit more practical than carrying around an actual foundation. I have on the occasion carried samples around with my instead but I still feel like it gets a bit messy, so I prefer to stick to a palette like this. The Sonia Kashuk palette is not readily available in the UK but you can pick up an alternative from NYX which is now available at boots.



I do my best to stick to foundations that stay in place all day, but sometimes I get a little oilier than usual, in particular in my t-zone. I use this L’oreal True Match Powder which really helps to reduce the shine. I like that it has it’s own sponge so I don’t have to carry a brush around especially for this. I usually use the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder for everyday but I must admit, this is a great powder that I switch to using from time to time.



Sleek is the first ever brand that I tried for contouring products, and again, this Sleek Face Form Kit was another cult beauty favorite that people loved. I didn’t like it at first because I prefer using cream products that powder, but  actually this is such a great drugstore product for those who do like to use powders. It is such a handy little product to keep in your bag for when you want to touch up as it comes with a bronzer, contour shade and even a highlighter.



I keep my Barry M Eyebrow Kit in my make up bag for rainy days or in case I smudge my eyebrows. This kit comes with a wax, powder and highlighting power which is perfect for brows on the go. It even has a tweezers in it, which is something that I use to carry around separately but honestly I really think Barry M did a good job with this kit.


Make Up Brush 

I little while back, I brought a travel size set of Eco Tools brushes, which are some of the prettiest brushes I’ve seen. I must admit I really do like this brushes for travelling, but I don’t think they’re great for everyday use. In my opinion some of the brushes aren’t dense enough and some of the others don’t pick enough product up. I do keep this blush brush in my bag as it is my favorite brush from the set and I can use it with my contour kit or my powder.


Lipstick/Lip liner 

I always keep the lip colour that I’m wearing that day in my make up bag. However, I also keep Mac Twig Lipstick and Mac Spice Lip liner, which are my current favourite neutral/nude lip products. For some reason I have two sets of both products but I just leave one of each permanently in my make up bag. I really like how these two are a good combo together, but I also really like wearing spice lip liner by itself. On me it’s one of those shades that give me the “your lips but better kind of look”.


Hand Cream, Hand Sanitizer, Tissues, Mints, Sanitary towel, Perfume

These are arguably the more boring items that I carry around but so super helpful. I suffer from dry hands, especially after washing my hands so a small sized hand cream is perfect. Hand sanitizers and tissues are a must in my opinion. They always come in handy even though I know people think I’m a bit extra for doing so. The mints are pretty self explanatory and that sanitary towel is for obvious reasons. You never know when mother nature is going to play you. I have a really cute case from Always which I can keep a sanitary towel in so it’s subtle. Finally, I always keep a sample perfume in my bag just because.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ve given you an idea of practical products you can take around with you. Drugstore products are so good at being practical so you don’t have to go splashing out on high end products. Always keep hold on to samples, because they can be so useful to just throw into your make up bag.


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