My AW15 Make Up Must Haves


It feels so good to be finally be able to post again properly! Here are my essential autumn/winter make up products that I’ll be incorporating to create the ultimate autumn/winter looks.

The first product which I can’t wait to get my hands on is this Autumn/Winter 2015 Runway Palette by Burberry. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with anything khaki or camo and this is the perfect eye shadow palette to add to my collection. Burberry have really made there mark with the khaki/camo trend and have released a whole ‘Runway Collection’ with a variety of different khaki products which I loved. This palette definitely had to be my favourite.

My next AW15 must have product is the Lancome Blush Subtil in Midnight Rose. I love the pigment in Lancome blushes. During Summer, I was using this blush in the shade Aplum for my lighter summer make up. I think this deeper shade will really add to any AW make up look.

Of course I had to have a MAC lipstick on my list. When I think autumn/winter, I think vampy colours. There is nothing better than a vampy lip to complete any make up look. It’s one way to stand out this autumn/winter.

I love Anastasia products, but these highlighters are definitely my most wanted products from the brand. They look so beautiful, and I’ve read so many good things about them. This time of year is a lot more festive, so these are perfect for the extra party glow. There are 4 stunning shades to choose from but for my skin tone, I would probably go for the shade Peach Nectar or So Hollywood.


What’s are your must have products for autumn/winter?

Sonam x




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