My Haircare Essentials

I never really payed any attention to hair care products before I cut my hair short. I think it’s a misconception that if you have shorter hair, it’s easier to manage – it’s not! I wash my hair every other day, and i’ve managed to find the perfect routine to help me de-frizz and style my hair.

Hallelujah Hair Oil // Forest and shore

After I’ve washed my hair with both shampoo and conditioner, I take 3-5 drops in my hand and massage it through my hair, with particular focus on the ends. I use this for nutritional purposes as it contains sunflower, coconut, sesame, olive, lavender rosemary and arnica oils, which each have their own benefits.

I like that this hair oil isn’t pungent like some other hair oils i’ve tried. It also leaves my hair feeling soft without making it greasy.

Fab.ME // Design.ME

Design.Me Hair is a brand thats completely new to me, but I’m absolutely loving their products. Fab.Me is a multi benefit lotion treatment which claims to  have 18 different benefits. This product makes my hair feel so soft and helps reduce the frizziness. It helps helps with keeping moisture in my hair after i’ve dried it, making it look a lot more healthier.

Powerdry.ME // Design.ME

I was a little uncertain about Powerdry.ME when I first received it as it claims to decrease blowdrying time by 50%. Often products with such claims are often gimmicky and don’t live up to my expectations. This was definitely not the case with this product. My hair dries much quicker which is such a life saver before work. It also provides heat and UV protection which is so important, especially if you’re like me and use hair straighteners every day.

Ouai Texturizing Hairspray // OUAI haircare

My final step in my routine is to add my Ouai texturising hair spray after I have styled my hair. This product is a combination of dry shampoo and a hairspray. It has a lightweight texture, smells amazing, and gives volume and texture to my hair. I don’t have any highlights or colouring in my hair so it just gives my hair a little bit of dimension and bounce to it.

What are the hair care products you can’t live without?

Sonam x


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