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Chokers and lace have beentwo trends that have been appearing a lot on my Instagram lately. I like these trends a lot because they’re so versatile and I love having one look that I can play around with in so many different ways.

The first thing I have to talk about is the choker trend. I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands one one. I came across a shop on etsy called Twirly Trinkets. I’ve never ordered anything from Etsy or anything similar so I’m pleased to say that my first experience was a good one.   I contacted the seller Penny who was soo lovely and answered all of my questions. There was so many great options to choose from (believe me it took a while to decide), and she helped with the material, the length, the width, and you could tell that she really knew what she was talking about and was so passionate about what she does.  Also, can you believe my order arrived after 2 days in a gorgeous jewellery bag? Penny was also kind enough to gift me a very pretty silver chain with my order!

In the end I ended up going for the 13.5″ Satin Ribbon Choker (i’m desperate for a velvet one now too, eek!). I just love the way it just really completes any outfit. A lot of my style in the past relied on wearing simple outfits and dressing them up with statement necklaces but nowadays I’m more about simplicity being the key and in this case it really is. A choker really makes a statement and brings a simple outfit to life. I think it has a lot to do with the way it sits on the neck and accentuates the collar bones. It’s just very flattering.






This lace top from Missguided has become one of my favourites lately. It really is just a simply grey knitwear top, but the lace detailing just adds something to it. I wear this top with jeans and leggings, but have also paired it with midi skirts for the evening. I think this is an essential item to have in your wardrobe. The type of detailing has become really popular on everything from simple knitwear tops like this to blouses and even lace up sweatshirts.





What do you think about these trends? 

Sonam x

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